Katie Seaver

In a move that many might call completely crazy, one North Carolina woman left behind her high-powered job, shaved off all her hair – effectively ‘pulling a Britney’ – and split from her boyfriend. And she doesn’t regret it for a minute. Katie Seaver, 27, was never one to do anything drastic. An Ivy League grad with a successful career in Manhattan, a boyfriend, and feminine, shoulder-length hair, the overachiever was on what most would call the straight and narrow – that is, until she decided to quit the job, ditch the boyfriend, and shave off all that curly brown hair. ‘I felt more alive and exhilarated than ever before, even though it was terrifying,’ she wrote in an essay for Cosmopolitan.com. ‘I felt like I had blown up my life as I knew it, and I was starting from scratch.’ Read more: here

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