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I’m 44 and mom to 2 girls – Steph (24)and Lil (15).

Baby and me

Baby and me



I had 2 strokes when I was 37 (December 2008 – my arm and March 2009 – my leg, mouth and arm)… Continue reading

My Aunty Kath

Aunty Kath

I think she is 91 and she is such a lovely person! Always makes me smile. I have this picture on my wall ! My grandmother Nana Douglas and Aunty Kath were sisters in laws. Steph took this picture. I… Continue reading

poor morgana

I was on my recliner and didn’t know she was underneath it and I closed it. :( I was trying to close it and Baby (my Manx cat) was staring at something underneath the chair. it was Morgana she was… Continue reading

Saturday night

well lil is home from Orange and just went to bed. thank God – she was up and down like a yo-yo today – very temperamental!

my uncle brought her and some of the stuff from the eugowra house… Continue reading

what a day

the bloody dog Rosie is being an asshole and barking all night. ARGH!!!!! my neighbours are NOT going to be happy. :(

we went out for tea for Steph’s birthday which was nice. one of her friends, Nicole,… Continue reading

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