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Drop Bears

“God’s first attempt at chibby action.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Drop Bear
“Ah, Koalas, seriously, what harm is there to a cuddly animal like that.”
~ Average Drop Bear Victim before attack on Drop Bears
“ Oh, mother f*****…aaaaaargh!”
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Family and Pets

more about Manx cats

Characteristics and Temperament

The Manx is a mellow, even-tempered cat, friendly and affectionate. Its origins as a “working” cat are still strongly seen in the breed, and any Manx which lives an outdoor or outdoor/indoor life is a fierce, dedicated… Continue reading

Gandalf and Strider

the kittens are settled in now which is good! they keep attacking each other which is funny. the other cats are getting used to them. Strider is the black one and Gandalf the Grey is the grey one.

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me in a nut shell

I have 2 girls – Stephanie and Lillian. I had two strokes (December 2008 and March 2009) and I’m slowly getting well. Have depression too. Have  one dog, one budgie and heaps of cats – one is called Baby… Continue reading

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