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Dr. Caroline Leaf

She frequently lectures to both Christian and secular audiences worldwide on diverse topics relating to optimal brain performance including:


-thinking and learning
-controlling your thought life
-managing stress
-eradicating toxic thoughts
-overcoming mental, emotional, and spiritual strongholds
-understanding male… Continue reading

more about Manx cats

Characteristics and Temperament

The Manx is a mellow, even-tempered cat, friendly and affectionate. Its origins as a “working” cat are still strongly seen in the breed, and any Manx which lives an outdoor or outdoor/indoor life is a fierce, dedicated… Continue reading

Police closing in on suspect

POLICE are confident they know who is responsible for the disappearance of Kiesha Abrahams and it is only a matter of time before the suspect is arrested.

Five weeks since the six-year-old was reported missing from her home in Mt… Continue reading

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