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Suicidal Dream

I dream about, how it’s going to end,

Approaching me quickly,

Leaving a life of fear,

I only want my mind to be clear,

People, making fun of me,

For no reason but jealousy,

I fantasise about my death,

I’ll kill myself from holding my breath,

My suicidal dream,

Voices telling me what to do,

My suicidal dream,

I’m sure you will get yours too,

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The Day You Went Away

does it ever make you wonder
what’s on my mind?
I was only ever running
back to your side

I never cried
I just watched my life go by
it’s just a pack of lies
coz you’re leaving me behind

after this long is there nothing I’ll keep
oh I can shout
you’ll pretend you’re falling asleep

I live a lie
believing that you’re mine
it’s just a waste of time
coz you’re leaving me behind

hey there’s not a cloud in the sky
it’s as blue as your goodbye
and I thought that it would rain
on a day like today

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