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totally over everything

the black dog is chasing me. so depressed. hate christmas among other things and I just can’t do it anymore. I’m so tired and I can’t sleep. need sleeping pills or something. can’t talk to anyone about it. they wouldn’t… Continue reading

Personality Color Yellow

While you may not exhibit all the character traits of a personality color yellow, if this is your favorite color you will find yourself somewhere in the description. You may also find you exhibit some of the negative traits, particularly… Continue reading

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I’m 44 and mom to 2 girls – Steph (24)and Lil (15).

Baby and me

Baby and me



I had 2 strokes when I was 37 (December 2008 – my arm and March 2009 – my leg, mouth and arm)… Continue reading

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My cats Baby my Manx is my favourite cat - we have 5 cats, my kids and our dog Rosie!

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