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  • Elizabeth Josephine “Lizzie” Birdsworth (née Cameron) (Sheila Florence – episodes 1–418, featured in flashback in episode 420), an elderly, chain-smoking, alcoholic recidivist prisoner, who provided much of the series comic relief. At the series start, Lizzie had already served twenty years in prison. Working as a bush cook, she had in a drunken rage allegedly poisoned a group of sheep shearers who’d had the audacity to complain about her cooking. It was later learned someone else had added the poison to the food and Lizzie was released and awarded compensation. Unfortunately she was ill-equipped to fend for herself outside and quickly committed a series of crimes and was returned to prison. A fraud and her daughter looking for money pretended to be Lizzie’s family which Paul Reid and Kevin Burns discover. We later find out Lizzie knew all along that they weren’t her real family and she wanted to spend time with them. Marcia (Lizzie’s fake daughter) tells Lizzie that she was her daughter’s best friend at the orphanage and that Lizzie’s real daughter died in a car crash. The fake family: Marcia and Josie disappear without any explanation Lizzie was recognisable for her always present red cardigan sweater given to her early on in the show’s run by the prison’s governor, Erica Davidson. Lizzie suffered from several heart attacks and during her final time in hospital she was released to be with her real family: The Charlton’s.

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