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Cat Theories

Recently I was asked to provide some of the theories on how the Big Cats were introduced into Australia. The below are more so possible clues than theories;

There are numerous theories on this one and the core of Crypto-zoologists here in Australia are still trying to come up with answers to that one. It’s not like there is just one type of “Big Cat” roaming around the Australian bush, there now appears to be many different types of creatures being interpreted as “Big Cats” here in Australia. So, here is the first stumbling block, as there has been reported more than just one type of “Big Cat” roaming around the Australian bush.

It is important to note that Australia is a very old country; it is big and it is isolated from ALL other countries now by water, although many thousands of years ago, it may not have been. It has been suggested that there once was a land bridge between Australia and Asia. Also it has an abundance of gold (or had) and minerals, which could have been of great interest to anyone who may have been in the know.

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