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20 oddly-named Aussie suburbs

From Humpty Doo to Rooty Hill, we think it’s pretty safe to say no country in the world names places like Australia does. We’ve taken a look at 21 of the most oddly-named Aussie suburbs, and included a little bit of info regarding how much it costs to live there should you feel the need to relocate.

1. Andamooka, SA

Approximately 600km north of Adelaide, Andamooka’s name is derived for the indigenous word for the local salt lake. If you want to live here, the average house price is $98,000.

2. Balaclava, VIC

Taking its name from the Battle of Balaclava that took place during the Crimean War, Balaclava is about 7km south of Melbourne’s CBD and average houses here go for $925,000.

3. Bees Creek, NT

This rural town is about 33 kilometres southeast of the Darwin CBD but fortunately doesn’t attract as much insect life as the name would suggest. Average Bees Creek house price is $615,000.

4. Currimundi, QLD

This idyllic Sunshine Coast suburb is named after the local indigenous name for the area Garrimundi or Girrimundi, meaning “Place of flying foxes”. Houses here are go for an average price of $440,000.

5. Dunedoo, NSW

This small village in central Western NSW has a population of 800 and translates to “swan” in the local indigenous language. Median house price here for potential buyers is $192,500.

6. Eaglehawk Neck, TAS

This tiny Tassie town, known locally as “The Neck”, connects the Tasman Peninsula with the Forestier Peninsula and has a population below 400 people. Average houses are $256,250.

7. Fig Tree Pocket, QLD

This picturesque Brisbane suburb sounds less like a town and more like a baked dessert! Named after the local Moreton Bay fig trees, houses in Fig Tree Pocket go for an average of $875,000.

8. Gooseberry Hill, WA

You can find Gooseberry Hill located on the northernmost high feature of Statham’s Quarry and average houses in this region are going for $760,000 at the moment.

9. Hectorville, SA

This small, middle class suburb located in Adelaide is considered part of the City of Campbelltown. If you want to live here, the average house price is currently sitting at $502,500.

10. Humpty Doo, NT

This small town situated just south of the Arnhem Highway is named after a station called Umpity Doo. Where the station got its name is anyone’s guess! Average house price here is $642,000.

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