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I must remember my feelings are indicators not dictators.

Have you ever been in conflict with someone when your blood pressure skyrockets and the worst version of you screams to come out?

Oh, this happens to me. One snarky comment from someone, and I am ready to come unglued.

This is bound to happen to all of us. Through much soul-searching and prayer, I have realized one thing about the subject of coming unglued. When I react by yelling or making a snappy comeback, I am basically communicating to this other person you have the power to make me react in an unglued way. I don’t want that.

I must remember my feelings are indicators not dictators. My feelings can indicate we have got to address these problems, but not dictate that I yell or make the snappy comeback.
Lysa TerKeurst


this is good and I need to remember that myself!

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