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How To Tear Down The Altars Of The Enemy

Worship when it hurts. When we perceive that we are not getting our way, sometimes, we deny God the worship that He is due. In Job, we see that he lost his children, the support of his wife and friends, his health, and a lot of his property in a time of testing. When we are being refined, it hurts. When impurities are being burned away, so that we can press into greater depths of the knowledge of God, it does not always feel pleasant. Sing to God the cry of that moment. Open your mouth and let the words flow to him in the instantaneous melody of the time. Lift your hands and dance to Him with the movement that expresses your concern. Pick up a pen and write or draw to Him from the expressions of your soul. He will come to your rescue; maybe not by redirecting you from the refining process, but by rendering you the grace to push past it.

The biggest lie under the sun is that there is a place where laziness is okay, no work is welcomed, and reward stems from it. There is a price to be paid for everything including your present power and your eternal victory. The price is paid in the crucifixion of your flesh. Pressing in when your flesh is acting as dead weight speaking the most invoking pleasantries in your ear. “You know you want…”, “You know how you should be treated”, “Since they did this, you should do…”; these are all comments that can mislead you to fellowship of the flesh.

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