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Wife Swap

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Have you ever wondered whether the grass is greener on the other side of the fence? From moody teenagers and spoilt children to errant husbands and trophy wives, this series gives a whole new meaning to domestic bliss and lifts the lid on what it means to be Australian in the 21st century. A smash hit in the US, this Aussie series sees sparks fly as two wives from radically different families swap places for a week. But it’s not just the wives that need to get used to a new family, as the husbands and children are given a crash course in adapting to new house routines.

I am watching wife swap Australia and it is so funny! they are going to have fireworks tonight.

Zantey and Kings: The regimented commando of clean, Leanne King, is swapping her life for a week with singer and songwriter, Bernadette Zantey. One thrives on hard work and order, while the other thrives on dreams of getting a big break.


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