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The three-year-old girl left paralysed after suffering massive stroke while lying on the sofa

A three-year-girl has been left paralysed from the shoulders down after suffering a stroke.

Mikka Davies, who had been a healthy toddler, suddenly lost the use of her limbs while lying on the sofa at home in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

Her mother Rachel, 26, took Mikka to the local hospital and she was quickly transferred to Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

After four weeks of extensive tests the family were told that Mikka had suffered a massive stroke. They said they were mystified as to what caused the brain injury.

Mikka, who is now back at home, has regained slight movement in her right arm and left thumb, but is otherwise paralysed and has to wear a body harness to help support her.

Ms Davies said: ‘She had been crying but I ignored her at first because I thought she just wanted attention.

‘She asked for a biscuit but she just couldn’t take it from me. It was so strange.

‘My first thought was, “has she had a stroke?”, but then I thought about that TV advert which shows the warning signs of strokes.

‘It talks about one side of the body, but this wasn’t, it was both sides.’

She added: ‘It’s so tragic, she is only a little girl and you just don’t think anyone so young would suffer a stroke. It’s something you associate with older people.

‘Although I feared she might have had a stroke, another part of me was thinking , it can’t be that, she is only a child and when the hospital confirmed it we were shattered.

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