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Sherry’s Inspirational list

Sherry’s Inspirational list

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Somebody’s Always Watching

Author: Jimmy D. Brown

Even when we don’t think they are, they are. Even when we don’t see them, their eyes are upon us. Even when we don’t pay any attention, they do. Somebody’s always watching. I got an ugly reminder of that earlier today.

We pulled into the Hampton Inn to grab a room for the night and there was one other vehicle under the registration awning as we arrived. The vehicle immediately got our attention because it had license plates that read GOSPEL. The familiar “fish” was plastered near the back bumper. And there were other Christian messages adorning the front of the vehicle as well. We knew these must be some of the brethren.

And then, it happened.

They locked their keys in the car. Apparently, it was the wife’s fault, judging from the tantrum and explosive words the husband began throwing at her. Unaware that we had pulled up behind them, unaware that anyone was watching, unaware that someone who had observed all their Christian decorations had their eyes locked on them, and unaware that their testimony for Christ was on open view.

This man began throwing an old-fashioned fit. Ranting and raving, hurling abusive accusations, just generally being very ugly to his wife. All because they were going to have to call AAA to get their keys out of their locked vehicle. Only God knows what would have happened if it had been a real crisis!

The point I want to make is this: you and I wear the Name of Christ. Whether or not we have a license plate that bears it or we wear a WWJD bracelet or t-shirt, or whether or not we adorn the traditional fish symbol, we wear the Name of Christ 24/7.

That’s not to say that we are going to be perfect, because we’re not. It is to say that somebody’s always watching. Even when we don’t see them. Even when we don’t know they are there. Even when we aren’t paying any attention. Somebody’s always watching.

And it’s important that we “let our lights shine” for Christ as best we can. It’s important that we remember that our words and actions represent Him. It’s important that we remember Christianity isn’t something we put on for Sundays when we’re at church and we take off during the remainder of the week.

If we belong to Him, then we ought to live for Him.

Christian, today someone will pull up behind you. You might not see them, but they’ll see you. You may not notice them, but they’ll notice you. You may not be paying any attention to them at all, but I assure you, they will be paying attention to you.

What will they see? Will they see YOU or will they see CHRIST THROUGH YOU? Will they see the flesh working or the Spirit at work?

Today, let us all make an extra effort to be like Jesus. And let’s let our lights shine to the glory of God for all to see. Because I can guarantee you. Somebody’s always watching.

Have a “Wonderful DAY in Christ,”

Jimmy D. Brown

“Go not forth hastily to strive, lest thou know not what to do in the end thereof, when thy neighbour hath put thee to shame.” – Proverbs 25:8

“Gaan nie haastig uit om te twis nie; anders, wat sal jy ten slotte doen as jou naaste jou in die skande steek?” – Proverbs 25:8

In His Service, <>< Sherry and Jim Heard

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