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Salvation Mountain: A Towering Salute to God

Salvation Mountain where Chris and Tracy took ...

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Driving in the California desert, on a desolate road about 80 miles south of Palm Springs, a strange sight comes into view. From a mile or so away, it looks like a candy-colored explosion against the side of a mountain.

Closer, the colors begin to take shape and form. It’s a massive painting, with the hillside serving as a canvas. Even closer, words appear — religious messages.

Welcome to Salvation Mountain, just outside of Niland, Calif. It’s the vision and creation of Leonard Knight, a simple man with a simple message: “God is love.” And those are the words atop the mountain, under a giant cross.

I want to go and see that! I reckon that it would be great! What do you think? Do know any interesting places, pictures, etc? Tell me about them please.

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