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that is freaky about those birds

  • Thousands of birds died suddenly Friday night in two separate locations
  • Experts suspect something panicked the birds into chaotic flight and crashes
  • It’s possible New Year‘s Eve fireworks sparked one of the mass deaths
  • Scientists call the scale of these deaths unusual, but not unprecedented

(CNN) — Some of the nation’s top experts Tuesday were looking for clues into sudden, mass deaths of birds in two states over New Year’s weekend.

“This one is unusual because of the time period over which so many birds died,” said LeAnn White, a field investigator with the National Wildlife Health Center in Madison, Wisconsin. The center, part of the U.S. Geological Survey, is receiving samples from Arkansas, where as many as 5,000 red-winged blackbirds and starlings fell from the sky in a square-mile area in less than an hour on New Year’s Eve, according to the Arkansas Fish and Game Commission.

it is kind of creepy and spooky! glad it didn’t happen here in Australia!

4 Responses to that is freaky about those birds

  • The whole world has gone crazy. Thanks for the info. x

  • it’s really freaky – wonder what is next Jan!

  • I could never imagine going outside to see thousands of birds just lying dead everywhere. What troubles me is it was a major story when it happened & now I haven’t heard any other news reports on the incident? Why is that? Now if a politician has an affair reporters cover that story for months, even years, yet in different states birds just fall from the sky alive or dead with very little news cover follow up? I don’t get it! I am a very avid bird watcher. I have feeding stations throughout our property and I am into photography of these amazing and comical little creatures. I would like to know more than hearing experts say it was just a freak incident. How sad it is that this happened, better yet what or who caused it?

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