The heartbreaking picture of Michelle Duggar holding her stillborn baby’s tiny hand

Friends and family rallied around 19 And Counting stars Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar yesterday as the couple mourned the loss of the stillborn daughter.

Hundreds gathered for the ceremony in Springdale, Arkansas, held in honour of little Jubilee Shalom.

The reality stars discovered that their 20th child no longer had a heartbeat during a doctors appointment on December 8.

After the memorial, a family member shared a heartbreaking picture on Twitter in her memory – before the online post was later deleted.

The photograph shows Michelle reaching out to touch daughter Jubilee’s tiny hand, with the juxtaposition of size deeply moving.

While Michelle obviously displays a fully grown adult hand, Jubilee’s is incredibly tiny, with her palm half the size of her mother’s finger tip.

Amy Duggar, a cousin who frequently appears on their hit TLC reality show tweeted the picture, saying: ‘RIP precious Jubilee Shalom Duggar! Can’t wait to meet you someday, thank you Lord for giving our family peace.’

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Azaria inquest would hear of new attacks

More than three decades after Azaria Chamberlain disappeared from Central Australia, a new inquest has been announced to finally try to discover what happened.

The baby girl’s father, Michael Chamberlain, says the news is a milestone and he’s pleasantly surprised.

“I’m sure this time it will be the ultimate verdict which we’ve been looking for,” Dr Chamberlain told ABC Radio on Sunday.

The inquest will look at new evidence suggesting a dingo attacked Azaria.

The Northern Territory government has confirmed Coroner Elizabeth Morris will conduct the inquest, which will start on February 24 and represents the final legal chapter in the case.

Azaria was nine weeks-old when she disappeared from her parents’ tent at Uluru (Ayers Rock) in August 1980, sparking court cases that saw her mother Lindy Chamberlain sentenced to life in jail in 1982.

Mr Chamberlain was given a suspended sentence after being found guilty of being an accessory after the fact.

The couple were both exonerated by a royal commission in 1987 and subsequently had their convictions quashed, although an inquest in 1995 delivered an open finding.

Mrs Chamberlain, now Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton after remarrying, has always maintained that she saw a dingo leaving her tent on the night Azaria went missing.

The claims were greeted sceptically by many Australians at the time of the disappearance and the saga was captured in the movie Evil Angels.

In a short statement on Sunday the NT Coroner’s office said it was reopening the inquest into Azaria’s death after information provided by the girl’s parents in relation to dingo attacks on infants and young children.

“This information was then further investigated by a coronial investigator,” the statement said.

“It is as a result of this investigation that the coroner has made the decision to reopen the inquest,” it said.


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Big cats prowl the bush

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HELICOPTERS hover noisily overhead, the occupants scanning the sheep-filled paddocks, undulating grassy terrain fringed with dark, forbidding bush.

DSE officials were stumped, and they were pulling out all stops to try to solve the mystery that had so far cost a Victorian farmer thousands of dollars in lost stock – and threatened the credibility of the department. Trapping, snaring and fur traps had all failed to reveal the true nature of the beast, so thermal imaging equipment was employed in an eleventh-hour bid to halt the stock losses. There was talk of wild dogs at the time, but none of the corpses bore the hallmarks of dog attacks. There was no mess and little blood, and most of the corpses were devoid of flesh with only head, hide and hooves left behind. It was, for the most part, a clean, clinical kill every time.
Just as unusual – and even more disturbing – was the discovery early one morning of several sheep standing in a field, their faces mauled beyond recognition. They were still alive – just – but where a snout should have protruded from each woolly face there was now just a mass of red, shredded flesh and broken cartilage and bone.



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