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things have been bad since christmas day. on christmas night a guy thought it would be good to have sex with me but I disagreed. it didn’t end well! hope I never see him again. christmas was totally ruined!

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Cat Theories

Recently I was asked to provide some of the theories on how the Big Cats were introduced into Australia. The below are more so possible clues than theories;

There are numerous theories on this one and the core of Crypto-zoologists… Continue reading

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I have 2 girls - Stephanie (25) and Lillian (15). I had two strokes when I was 37 (I am 44 now). Have one dog and 5 cats - one is called Baby and she is a Manx. She acts like a dog!

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My cats Baby my Manx is my favourite cat - we have 5 cats, my kids and our dog Rosie!

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